My friend Dawn Hodges has launched her new blog with this excellent post about being “in the moment”. Enjoy!

Tower of Twins

Living in the moment becomes more important the older one gets.  My 4-year-old granddaughter is teaching me that.  She is playing t-ball for the first time this year.  The other day I went to her practice.  When I arrived she was “in the circle” standing just behind the “pitcher.”  If you know t-ball then you know that the coaches actually do the pitching and the little girls stand “in the circle” around the mound and field balls.  She saw me and completely forgot what she was doing.  She starting jumping up and down, squealing, and shouted, “Gigi (I live in the South so it’s pronounced “Jay Jay”), can I come home with you?”   I shouted back, “Breezy, be in the moment!”  “What?” she yelled.  “You’ll tell me in a moment?,” she asked.  “Play ball!” I told her.  “What?” she said.  I yelled, “Pay attention!!”

When you are four it’s hard…

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