A favorite Thanksgiving message and one that is still as relevant today as when I first published it. May you and your families be similarly blessed today as we give thanks for all we have been given.

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that is mostly unique to North America and is a day that we set aside to be grateful and give thanks for what we have. On that day, always the fourth Thursday in November, families all over the country will gather around the dining room table and partake of a symbolic meal that is usually comprised of the best culinary efforts one can muster. They enjoy a time of togetherness, reunion and some excellent food, and then spend the rest of the day in a turkey-induced semi-comatose state, rehashing old family stories, pulling out photograph albums, watching the football games or parades on television and just enjoying the opportunity to be together for a special day. Holidays change with each generation and traditions observed by one generation oftentimes fall by the wayside when succeeding generations come along, bringing a sense of nostalgia for a return to simpler…

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