It wasn’t that I was too lazy to write another article about the biggest, baddest vacation ever invented but after I thought about it, I figured the original was good enough to republish, especially on the eve of embarking on the latest installation of what we perennially refer to as “Living Large”. If this were a movie it would be something like “Living Large V” or “VI” but I have lost count. In looking back and reading my words from two years ago, I realize that while much has not changed, change has come. There are new arrivals this year and a couple who can’t make it. We have new babies to fuss over and new people to meet. All in all, family is family and we all are looking forward to the time together. So think of it as a “throwback Thursday” kind of thing as we cruise down memory lane a bit.

The Literate Pen

Another summer has flown by and as I write this, my son is anticipating (note that I said anticipating but not necessarily looking forward to) the start of a new school year that will begin tomorrow with his third grade year. For him, as well as my wife and I, it will be a return to a somewhat more structured life again, with our mornings starting earlier and with schedules having to be adhered to. No more hitting the snooze button for three more nine-minute increments of sleep; one might be all I can get away with.

For him, it has been a summer of baseball games, new glasses, swimming in the pool, a short trip to Savannah and one to Charleston and one weeklong family vacation to Orange Beach that we just returned from yesterday. All in all, it has been a pretty busy summer and even though theā€¦

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