Cousin Hilary is sharing some tasty Italian cuisine recipes that sound good enough to share. Enjoy!


One of the great things about living in a vacation destination is that people tend to visit you during their vacations.  Last week it was my sister, Rebecca, and her boyfriend, Casey, for their spring break.  My aunt, cousin and cousin’s friend also visited us since they live about 3 hours away and wanted to see my sister.  This was great for me, since I not only got to see everyone, but also got to make those dishes that are really not reasonable for only 2 people.  I decided to make it an “Italian weekend” since my family is Italian, as is Casey, and one of his favorite dishes is lasagne.  I’ve been wanting to try the Pioneer Woman’s The Best Lasagna. Ever. and this was a perfect opportunity.  I was somewhat skeptical, since the ingredients were so… basic?  But, after reading all of the rave reviews, I had to…

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