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For Labor Day, I thought I would publish another article written by my son about his grandparents. He wrote this article last year during his second grade year for a school assignment and it is one of my favorites. Like me, he is fortunate to have been blessed with five of them, seeing each one in a different way and enjoying a unique relationship with them based on the things they enjoy doing with him. I hope that as he grows and his relationship dynamics change, that these basic things will always be at the core of what he will always remember about each one of them. For the reader’s reference, he calls them “Meme” (my mother), Papa (my father), Mama (my stepmother), Nana (my mother-in-law) and Grandad (my father-in-law). As with all his articles, I am leaving them just the way he wrote them, grammar and all, so as not to change them in any way. Needless to say, this one found a place on the “fridge”.

My Grandparents, by E.M. Brewer

I love my grandparents very much. They have lots of really fun things to do. One of the fun things I like to do is play. I also like to make puzzles. I love Grandparents.

The first Grandparent is Meme. Me and Meme like to make foods. Meme is really nice. Sometimes we get ice cream. I love Meme.

The second one is Papa. He is really nice. Me and Papa watch TV together. We watch Georgia football. I love Papa.

My third Grandparent is Mama. She is also nice. Me and her play wii bowling. Me and Mama like to watch TV. I love Mama.

My fourth Grandparent is Nana. She is also really nice. Me and Nana like to play scrabble. Me and her like to cook. I love Nana.

The last Grandparent is Granddad. Me and Grandad both like sports. We go to lots of baseball games. We also go to hockey games. We also watch football. I love Grandad.