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My son has been writing again and brings to us his entire life story in a paragraph….all seven years and ten months of it…and I thought I would share it with my readers today for Saint Patrick’s Day. What may seem like a short span of time to us is different from his perspective, as time tends to be for everyone. Time likes to play tricks on our minds and if we are 40 years old, seven-plus years is just a slice of that and we tend to think of it that way but for him, it represents his entire life, not just a slice but the entire pie, crust and all. As always, please overlook the grammar and lack of capitalization. He hasn’t quite mastered the “Shift” key on the old typewriter but to alter it would take away from it too much!

My Life, by E.M. Brewer
i am writing a story about my life. i was born when my mom was 28 years old in 2004. it was in may 5 2004. when i was 1 i liked to watch thomas the train. when i was 2 i liked to run around. when i was 10 months old i said my first word when i dropped my toy and my dad picked it up and i said dada. when i was 3 i started preschool. when i was 4 i liked to be very, very crazy. when i was 5 i liked to watch star wars. when i was 6 i started to play football. when i was 7 i liked to play football every day. when i was 7 and a half i was very good at football. and now i am writing a story about my life.

As for me, I can’t wait to see what 8 will bring…..Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!