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This week my son, age seven (seven and a half Daddy!) was visiting my wife at her office and decided to try his hand at being a writer the old fashioned way. When I was his age, that meant writing by hand, with a pencil but for him, the old fashioned way meant getting his hands on a typewriter, a completely obsolete piece of technology in today’s world of personal computers. He wrote a nice short story on the typewriter and I thought he should have the chance to make his writing debut here so without further delay, a story by my son about his dog Snoopy.

My Dog Snoopy, by E.M. Brewer
i am writing a story about my dog. my dog is a furry white dog. he is a bichon frise. when we first got him my mom let him off the leash and he ran away. me and my friend and our moms ran after him but he was too fast and then he ran into the woods. we searched for him all day long. we found him the next day. we had to give him a bath when he got back into the house. the only reason we found him was because my mom went into woods to find him. by the way he dogs name is snoopy.
The End