I didn’t have anything really new to say about Valentines Day that I didn’t say last year so I will just repost my article and wish all my readers a very Happy Valentines Day!

The Literate Pen

Today is Valentine’s Day (ok, actually for me it will be tomorrow since I am writing this on Sunday the 13th for it to post tomorrow) but when you get this, it will be so….Happy Valentine’s Day! Each year as we approach this day, the word “love” begins to get a lot more attention than it does most other times of the year. Different people delineate the day in a large variety of ways so there really isn’t a set way to celebrate it or a pure definition for what it is-so to put it simply, it is a day set aside to acknowledge and honor those that we love in all the different ways we love somebody. For some men, it is a time of dread because the expectations of a girlfriend or a wife may be different from what the man had in mind. For some women, it…

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