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This poem is dedicated to the men and women of the City of Jackson Georgia who give of their time each December collecting donated canned goods, money and toys for needy families and children throughout the community. Known simply as the “Canathon”, for nearly twenty years, it has provided not only provides Christmas cheer but food for the local food pantry that helps needy families all throughout the year. This year, the city dedicated the Canathon to the man who started it all, former Mayor Charlie Brown who retired from office this year. If you see a city worker this month at one of the local grocery stores or on a corner collecting, please give something. When used for good, even a single dollar or a single can of food can go a long way.

Twas three weeks before Christmas and all through the town
Every creature was collecting for ole Charlie Brown
The cans, they all gathered, in boxes and bags
To load the white truck so full that it sags

Charlie and Don on the radio did talk
But my son wouldn’t do it; at this he did balk
Lara was chipper and Wayne full of cheer
Doc was all smiles as donations would appear

Theodore shook hands and called out merry greetings
Barbara was talking to each one she was meeting
Beth, Troy and Dawson stopped by for the fun
As the shoppers strolled in from the cold morning sun

Some gave their cans and some gave their dollars
Some brought new toys to make the kids holler
Many brought hugs, handshakes and and grins
As they dropped their donations in the collection bins

Up town, at each corner with badges of gold
Mike’s men waited with a bucket in hand I am told
The firefighters waved to each passing car
Their tags both from Georgia and places afar

To buy something fun for a girl or a boy
Who might otherwise have nothing, not even a toy
A shiny red firetruck, a soft cuddly doll
A coat or a jacket for kids short and tall

Or a meal for a table that without, would be bare
No turkey, no dressing would be found there
Perhaps not a tree to spruce up the place
To bring Christmas cheer and a smile to each face

For this, each December, the workers turn out
To bring joy each Christmas to families without
They ask not for much, just a spare can or two
Some loose change or dollars that have nothing to do

A toy for a child, a meal for a table, a tree for a home
Sounds like an old Christmas fable!
So give from your heart and remember to say
Merry Christmas to all and have a blessed day!

One more note….I don’t usually ever do poetry so please take that into consideration!