Today my blog odometer rolled over 1000 reads (would that be a blogometer?) and to celebrate this auspicious occasion I thought a word of thanks was in order. WordPress lets me know how many actually reads that my blog posts get, not counting the ones that are delivered by e-mail subscription each time I post a new one. So far, the all time most-read post is “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” and I hope it wasn’t because anyone was hoping I would “dish the dirt” on him! This was the post about his 40th birthday-and surprisingly, “Why I’ll die a Southerner” is moving up the chart very fast and may take first place soon.

Writing a blog isn’t always easy and trying not to run over the same ground too many times can be challenging but I really just wanted to say a big “Thank YOU!” to all of you subscribers and interested people who have hung in there over the past few months. This really started as a way to keep my creative edge and to leave something behind for my son to have of me that isn’t a watch or a bunch of dusty old books because I know that you never know what can happen in life. Instead, its turned into something I truly enjoy doing and I appreciate all the feedback and comments that you have sent to me that encourages me to “WordPress” forward.

Thank you again to each and every one of you!

Michael (The Literate Pen)