This New Year of 2011, rather than recite all the things I resolve to change or fix, which will probably sound a lot like everyone else’s list, I am going to ask that the New Year itself make some resolutions and keep to them. For a lot of people, 2010 was a hard year and one many people would just as soon forget about given the economy and the uncertainties that surround everyone so I have a lot of hope for Twenty-Eleven (the proper way to say it and I will try to get used to that). With each new year to come around, there is always new promise, an unmarked chalk board, a clean slate and a chance to get it right. I hope 2011 will make a diligent effort to do just that and here are ten ways it can:

1). Resolve that our national leaders in Congress and in the White House, regardless of political party, will realize that we are just about out of chances to make positive changes in this country and that both sides will make a concerted push to work together and find solutions to the problems we are facing as a Nation, even if the decisions are not easy ones.

2) Resolve that our economy will continue its recovery efforts and gain a lot of momentum this year, giving new jobs and new hopes to millions of people who want to work but cannot find a job that will support and sustain their family, as well as new growth and opportunities for small businesses to thrive and prosper once again.

3) Resolve that as we face troubled times, all of us, in small communities, larger cities and states throughout the country as well as nations throughout the world will draw closer together and focus on the things that unite us and not on the differences that divide us.

4) Resolve that as we continue to be a beacon of hope to others who are less fortunate than we are, that we continue to show the courage, the strength of character and the compassion for our fellow human beings that helped to make us that beacon in the first place.

5) Resolve that even as many opportunities have dwindled and shrunk, that new opportunities will open for those still willing to have faith in our country and in our way of life and that in seizing those opportunities and making the most of them, the way toward even more will open up.

6) Resolve to open our hearts and minds to new ideas and forward thinking that will keep our nation young, fresh and energetic, flowing with positive and productive energy. 

7) Resolve that while most of our problems were created by people, that people are still our best hope for finding and implementing solutions.

8 ) Resolve that we pay special attention to our families and loved ones, knowing that the strength of our families and our friends is the most basic and elemental key to our own personal strength and fortitude.

9) Resolve that we will support our leaders, in our communities, our churches, our organizations, our schools, our local, state and federal governments and wherever we may find them, empowering and inspiring them to lead with wisdom, discernment, vision and conscience.

10) Resolve that our will shall be strengthened, that our endurance shall be enhanced, that our compassion shall be multiplied, that our faith in God will be increased and that our hopes will be realized through each of these, so that we can once again shine as a nation and endure as a society.

May 2011 be good to each us and may you all have a brighter, happier and promising New Year!