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The first time I flew in an airplane I was too small to remember anything about it but one thing I know for certain has changed is that smoking is out and WiFi is in these days. It is pretty neat to post my first writing from somewhere high over Ohio (waves down at his Ohio relatives) as we head north to our first Christmastime vacation in New York City. Since we are not far from our destination, this will be a short blog post but I promise longer and more detailed ones over the next few days.

I love New York. It is so different from Atlanta and so much bigger that it boggles the mind sometimes. I always enjoy going but have never experienced the city at Christmastime before and I always have wanted to. I hope to get that Miracle on 34th street feeling I get from watching that movie (all three vintages of it) and look forward to taking my son to see the real Santa Claus at Macy’s and seeing the store windows decorated for this festive time of the year. More will come soon but as the nose of the plane is beginning to tilt downward, I will have to close out for now. More to come soon! TLP