All parents think their children are the smartest in the world and I am no exception to that rule where my son Ethan is concerned. Sometimes the things he says amaze me for their simple, yet profound meaning and they exhibit his ability to cut right to the heart of the matter. Other things let me know he has me figured out. This article will likely be revised and added to as the storehouse of things he says grows so don’t be surprised if you find more comments added here as time goes on.

Number 1: Daddy, one of us is going to get in trouble for this (I won’t go into why this comment was made)

Number 2: Daddy, I didn’t know Indians drove Toyotas (Comment made at a Native American Festival)

Number 3: Daddy, why is Santa Claus getting in an Acura? Where is his sled? (Another car comment, made at a Christmas party)

Number 4: I sure hope it doesn’t crash through the roof (Followup to the comment above, after explaining that Santa only uses his sleigh up north where there is snow)

Number 5: Daddy, if we fought New York in the Silver war, why do we like going to New York? (This came after my first attempt to explain the Civil War  to him)

Number 6: Daddy, if these are Army ants, are the ones with the wings in the Air Force? (This comment made during the great Ant War at the swimming pool where he took the ant hill with a super soaker)

Number 7: Us: Wouldn’t you like to have a brother or sister? Him: No, they can get their own mommy and daddy.

Number 8: Atticus is not an alley cat…he’s an insurance cat cause we found him at the insurance office.

Number 9: Mommy, can I watch TV with Daddy? (Go ask your father). Daddy, mommy said I could stay up and watch TV with you (an example of a child’s logical way to work the system)

Number 10: I can’t eat any more supper. I’m full. Can I have desert now?

Number 11: Daddy, if you’ll buy me this Corvette I’ll let you drive it

Number 12: Daddy, Darth Vader is more powerful than Captain Kirk cause he uses the Forrest

Number 13: Him: Daddy, it was against the law for Mommy to leave me with you when she went to New York because no child left behind is a law! Me: Who told you that? Him: Dr. White (retired school superintendent referring to the “No Child Left Behind” law).

More to come soon!